Eat More Dessert With These Healthy & Delicious Shakeology Recipes

Your daily Shakeology can be a gourmet superfood dessert experience no matter how you enjoy it! Whether you prefer a classic shake as you always have or like to mix it up by making Shakeology ice cream, pudding, protein bites, or more. Making healthy choices doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor and fun, which is why you can eat more desserts! 

How is Shakeology a “dessert?

Shakeology taste is so crave-able and delicious, the only word that does it justice is “dessert”. Shakeology is a great way to continue enjoying those decadent dessert flavors you crave with the superfood nutrition you deserve and wouldn’t normally get with a typical sweet treat.  Don’t let anyone tell you to deprive your sweet tooth. Now you have a way to maintain your health and indulge at the same time by swapping those traditional high-calorie, high-sugar desserts with Shakeology. 

When Should I Be Having Dessert?

Every day at any time – even as part of breakfast! Consuming Shakeology as dessert means you’re swapping traditional dessert and nourishing your body with high-quality, whole-food-based nutrition that helps your overall health instead. 

How can I eat more dessert and still see progress in my health journey?

Dessert can be one of the healthiest things you eat every day. Dessert can be an easy starting point to feeling great along your journey. The key is picking a dessert that tastes as good as it is good for you.

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Try these decadent recipes!

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