How I Prepare for a Week of Healthy Dinners

If you’re like me, cooking dinner can feel like a nightmare. I even considered doing a meal kit service, multiple times. It wasn’t in our budget and I wanted more freedom to make meals for my picky eaters in my house. So, I’ve come up with a helpful solution to always knowing what to make for dinner and eat out less. A whole lot less.

With kids and having a new work schedule, I haven’t been so motivated to get in the kitchen. But, when I think about the money saved, the memories in the kitchen, and the accomplishment of preparing food for my family, I see the value of it.

Read for some mind-blowing tips? Here we go!

1) Meal map instead of meal plan. Meal mapping is a simpler approach to “planning” what you’ll cook. You essentially have an idea for each day of the week so you can use what you have on hand versus following a recipe that might require more groceries. Using a theme can help you map your meals, such as Meatless Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Wrap Wednesdays, and so on! Some ideas for the week might include these: Tacos, Bowls, Stir-frys, Burgers, Sandwiches, Pastas, and Salads. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the most simple the more likely you’ll cook it.

2) Keep your kitchen stocked with the essentials. You’ll want to go for items that you’ll need to create meals in a pinch. Opt for various spices, veggies, grains, protein sources, and any other essential item you might need for making dinner a success. Before you head to the grocery store or order online, have an idea of the kind of meals you’d like to serve. This allows you to be very intentional about what you’re getting, so you can make good use of everything in your shopping cart.

3) Leave a little extra for leftovers. Leftovers might be useful when you don’t have much time to cook or come home late. If you’re not a fan of reheated food, prep a little more food and set them aside in separate containers. When it’s time to cook, you’ll have saved time preparing and get straight cooking.

If you haven’t been in the kitchen much, that’s okay. It takes practice and patience. I hope these tips motivate you to get back in there! Keep trying.

Health & Wholeness,


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