Mentally Strong People Empower Themselves

Mentally strong people are experts in empowering themselves. They choose to respond to their circumstances rather than react to them. They understand that no one can make them feel a way they don’t want to. If your co-worker getting the position you’re qualified for makes you feel inadequate, you’re essentially giving someone else power over your feelings.

However, people who feel empowered don’t depend on other people to feel adequate about themselves. They choose to be in a positive mental space even when someone else is succeeding.

Empowered people aren’t born empowered, but consistently learn the art and value of empowering themselves.

Try this: Come up with expressions that you can repeat to yourself when you need them. Use words that show you are in charge of how you think, feel, and behave — regardless of how or what those around you are doing.

This will help drown out the negative voices in your head that try to convince you that you lack the potential to succeed. The most effective expressions are short and easy to remember:

  • “I am good enough.”
  • “I will do my best.”
  • “I am successful.”
  • “I am worthy of wealth.”
  • “I choose to be happy today.”
  • “I am in control of my emotions.”

If you can change the way you think, you can change the way you feel.

Health & Wholeness,


Hi, I’m Brianna. I’m 27 years old from South Arizona with two sweet children. Promoting alternative and holistic wellness is my passion and my mission is to help you create healthier habits.

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