Tips for Using Social Media Mindfully

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One thing I hope you can walk into the new year with is protecting your mental health.

Taking time away from social media; mindless scrolling, picking up your phone when you hear notifications, and checking on your posts 5 times a day to see who interacted with your post.

If you didn’t post it on social media, it basically didn’t happen. People feel the need to post every and anything that’s happening in their lives. I’ve felt this pressure myself amongst others.

Engaging on social media rewards your brain every time you get a like or a new follower. But it also has negative affects when people unfollow or when engagement is low.

There’s also a tendency to compare your lifestyle and body with staged photos and highlights reels. Your brain can’t separate what’s real and what isn’t on social media. So, it’s vital to create boundaries.

I’m personally taking a break from social media going into the new year and I want it to be something I do regularly. While some may say it’s not a smart move for business, it’s smart for my mental health. I run all the behind the scenes and content for my businesses, so it’s crucial to step back and respect my humanness.

Here are a few tips on how to use social media mindfully that I’m also taking following:

1. Turn off notifications. Check your notifications when you want to.

2. Hide like counts for your posts and for the posts of others. (Instagram has this feature and can be turned on in settings.)

3. Limit scroll time. Give yourself a time limit for scrolling through the feed.

4. Take social media breaks, often. Uninstall the app from your phone. Your real friends and family can contact you by phone.

5. Remember that social media is just a extension of your life and the lives of others. Connect with people off social media.

Taking control of social media use is a start, but regularly unplugging from devices in general is equally as important.

Take time to do what fills you up; spend quality time with family and friends, journal, read a book, go for a walk, take a trip. Whatever you do, be present. Let’s normalize taking social media breaks for mental health.

Health & Wholeness,


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