Meeting My Biggest Hero, Shaun T!

This weekend I had the chance of a lifetime! I found myself at a live Trust & Believe podcast and intimate dinner with Shaun T. I can feel the tears trying to escape as I write this post. I laughed, I (almost) cried, I made new friends, and I stepped out of my comfort zone.

A back story on why an iconic Beachbody trainer means so much to me: I remember first seeing him on a TV ad for a program called Insanity. I was a preteen facing a lot of trauma at the time. There was something so eye-opening about his message about digging deeper.

It was a message of fight. It was a message of hope. It was a message of “don’t you dare give up when you haven’t even reached your limit yet.”

(Now, I’m crying.)

Not only was his message one that resounded with strength, his presence and his way of motivating you through the video felt like he was in the same room. I was INSPIRED. I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to find my courage and dig.

My brother and I played those videos. We managed to get them on our own as savvy internet kids. We did those workouts (okay, we did our best!). We were introduced to a world of fitness and a mindset of strength that we knew existed.

When you’re used to seeing defeat and a fixed mindsets around you all your life, seeing victory and a growth mindset is enough to draw you in! I’m all in, where do I sign up?!

(More crying.)

There’s maybe a handful of people that have impacted my life from youth to adulthood. Can I tell you something? He’s the reason why I said “yes” to becoming a TeamBeachbody Coach in 2018. It had less to do about the money I could make and more about life-changing trainers. I knew that if Shaun T was a part of this company, I wanted to be a part of what he was doing and what the rest of the company had to offer.

Then, when I heard his story of molestation and abuse as a child… it hit me hard. I knew molestation and abuse personally and his story rocked me. HARD. I made a deeper connection with him in that hurting moment.

How can a trainer on the screen impact me in such a huge way? Simple, it’s heart. I seen his heart for people before I ever really met him. And when I met him in person. When I thanked him with all my being, when I leaned in for a hug, and when he embraced a stranger with love… it validated everything I knew in an instant.

The podcast was vulnerable, humorous, and beautiful in every way. As I leaned into the conversation, everyone around me did too. These people were also impacted in some way by his life.

I felt gratitude.

(Excuse me while I wipe the stream of tears. Geez!)

While no one may know how much this time meant to me, my soul certainly does. I hope to be as genuine, passionate, strong, and full of heart like Shaun. I know it won’t be my last time seeing him, but man was it a big deal for me!


Coach Brianna

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